I Don't Want to Deal With This
by Jonathan Pierce

The Turtleneck Club by
Jonathan Pierce

HouseChooser by
Jonathan Pierce

Annihilation Celebration by
Jonathan Pierce & Doug Lee

Property Interview by
Jonathan Pierce

The Art Interview by
Jonathan Pierce

Utica Remodeling Company
by Jonathan Pierce


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The Art Interview

Check out the newest Thinkpierce Film, “The Art Interview”

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What do you get when you combine a budding artist, a shirtless art assessor and two “snack-obsessed” art assistants? You guessed it; you get “The Art Interview”, the newest Film…


Jonathan Introduces HouseChooser.com

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Recently I decided to re-brand Jonathan Pierce Real Estate into HouseChooser.com. The name “HouseChooser” has a more “app” and “Website” type feel and was a better fit for the technology…

Jonathan appears on Channel 2’s Show, “The List”

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This week I had a great opportunity to promote IDontWanttoDealWithThis.com by appearing on Channel 2’s show, “The List.” It all started when a channel 2 producer saw a Facebook post…

Jonathan explains IDontWanttoDealWithThis.com in a nutshell

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If we’re friends on Facebook, you’ve likely noticed a few posts about my new service IDontWanttoDealWithThis. Today I share a quick video of me explaining it all in a nutshell.