Annihilation Celebration by
Jonathan Pierce & Doug Lee

The Turtleneck Club by
Jonathan Pierce

Cai Chi
by Jonathan Pierce

The Art Interview by
Jonathan Pierce

Utica Remodeling Company
by Jonathan Pierce


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Mezeppa on DVD

The Mezeppa Show on DVD

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It’s all here! Re-live the off-the-cuff, insane genious of the Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting on DVD! Each DVD includes special unforgettable highlights, such as Mazeppa’s Opening Theme, Isham…

Recycle mug

The Recycling Bin Mug by Big Mouth Toys

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You know all those times you wanted to drink straight from the recycling bin? Now you can! It’s a great way to measure all of the exome sequencing that is…

More Thrift Store Book Acting with Jonathan Pierce & Nathan Gray

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Pull your tree stumps ’round the campfire; it’s time for another edition of Thrift Store Book Acting with Jonathan Pierce & Nathan Gray. Get ready to experience page 78 from…

Jonathan Pierce Introduces “Thrift Store Book Acting”…

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One day I came up with the idea of something called “Thrift Store Book Acting”. The explanation is pretty much in the name. The idea is to grab a random…