And So It Begins…

By Friday, June 17, 2011website

Greetings! Welcome to the beginning of something cool in my life… For the past year, my wife and I have been working on the recreation of a website I started 11 years ago: Although it started out with a different name in the beginning, it was always the same thing: a website that allowed me to showcase all the crazy things I do. The past 11 years have been a life molding road trip that has given me the gift of realizing who I am and what I want out of life. The funny thing is, it has led me right back to the place where I started, creating

Even though the following reference might be hard to take seriously, it’s pretty dead on. In the Wizard of Oz at the end of the movie, Dorothy realizes that she had traveled this massive journey only to realize that she already possessed the answer the entire time: her red slippers. I believe I am in a group with thousands of others. The thing you started out doing in the beginning, the thing you did naturally with no thought of money or benefit. That is the thing you will most likely find is what you should be doing, even if it takes a massive journey for you to realize it. You may even find that its so much a part of you that it surfaces regardless of what path you take. The reality is that it takes the journey to reveal it to you. Without the journey there to kick your teeth in a few times, you don’t even know the difference. There is more work to do before the full website is up, but in the mean time I will be posting a new update every Friday on this blog. I’m super excited! Get ready to party with me Thinkpierce style…..

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