Utica Remodeling Meets Daniel(s)

By Thursday, August 4, 2011Music, Stories, Videos

How does raw video footage of a house remodel end up being edited in to a music video? That’s what this week’s post is all about…  During my remodeling days I made sure to keep an ongoing portfolio of my remodeling jobs to be able to show future clients examples of my work.  My main medium of choice to do that?  Video of course.  That’s where James Plumlee came in.  I first knew about James from my middle school “punk rock” days.  My friends and I would go to shows and see his band “Good” perform at local venues.  Years later James joined forces with my friend Daniel Sutliff to form the band “And There Stand Empires“, a four member band that blends two bass guitars with drums, distortion, keyboards and xylophones.  I learned through Daniel that James did great video work, and that’s when James received my call.  Over the past few years, James has shot a wide variety of projects for me mostly remodeling related.

Pic 1About that same time, Daniel’s solo music project under the name “Daniel(s)” was starting to take off and Daniel was creating music videos for each of his songs.  With the date of a debut performance nearing, Daniel asked James to create one of the videos to add some variety in the lineup.  James decided to use footage he had shot from one of my remodeling jobs and turn it in to a musical montage edited to the beat of a Daniel(s) song titled “Dendriform”.  You can see how it turned out by watching the video in the upper left hand corner, which combines the live musical performance with James’ edit.

uticacommercialJames didn’t stop there though, there was one more curve ball he had in store for me.  Most of the time I am the one asking people to be a guinea pig in my crazy video projects, this time it was my turn.  As a surprise he used some of the same footage to create a commercial for my remodeling business at the time which was called ‘Utica Remodeling Company”.  I still don’t know exactly how to interpret the end result, but some things in life are not meant to be questioned.  You can watch James’ “Utica Remodeling Commercial” at the lower left hand side of this article.  To view more of James Plumlee’s work visit his website at jamesplumleephoto.com.  Special thanks to James for all the different projects he has helped me with. Thinkpierce! Something new every Friday…

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