Thinkpierce Proudly Presents: “Snow TV”

By Thursday, September 22, 2011Photos, Stories

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  • Brian says:

    Those have to be four of the sexiest legs I’ve ever seen.

    • Jonathan Pierce says:

      Dude!!!! I just now saw this response! Lol, wish I could have been a fly on the wall when you opened up the e-mail that had this photo shoot. ha ha

  • Germán says:

    Love Tulsa even without knowing it!!! It seems just like a mini-NYC, I love the downtown skyline, the streets I saw on some youtube videos, what a great city! I want to meet Tulsa some day! I didn’t even heard about this city until I did on the Friends serie, when Chandler (one of the characters) moves to Tulsa to work. I started googleing the city and I fell in love with Tulsa. Be proud of such beautiful city! Greetings!

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