Jonathan rolls out Thinkpierce TV!

By Thursday, October 13, 2011Stories, Thinkpierce TV, Videos

If there were one facet of Thinkpierce that best represented who we are and what we do, it would be Thinkpierce TV.   My dad say’s it best in saying that if there was something happening in my life, I was somehow getting it on video.  As a result, I’ve built up a large collection of VHS tapes, DV tapes, hi-8 tapes, and DVD’s loaded with footage that included anything from live performances, sketch comedy, scenes of unfinished films, music, break dancing, to total randomness. In 2010, I focused on converting it all in to my computer and after countless hours of capturing and logging footage I now have it all organized in hard drives under a folder that could only be named one thing; Thinkpierce TV.

Thinkpierce TVMarrying old footage with new footage, Thinkpierce TV will be organized in to numbered seasons that will each have eight episodes.  Each episode will have a story line that ultimately includes both new and previous Thinkpierce footage, creating a unique unexpected twist in each episode. Although being introduced now, Thinkpierce TV won’t kick in to full effect until the spring of 2013.  There are a variety of projects that will take priority until then including releasing three Thinkpierce films, completing a variety of books and rolling out Thinkpierce Music! However thanks to Scott Norvell, I was able to complete one episode ahead of schedule…

Thinkpierce TVIn this particular episode titled, “Lord of the Dream”, I made use of some footage of a crazy dream sequence I shot with Scott over 10 years ago.  Around the same time I was converting it in to my computer, Scott was going to be visiting Tulsa for Christmas.  I saw an opportunity and wasn’t about to let it go. I wrote up a script that depicted Scott as an oddball friend of mine that was having a problem slipping in to sudden deep mental trances. (In other words I lacked creativity and just wrote Scott in as himself.) Just kidding Scott! Couldn’t resist. I ran the idea by Scott and he was all in. We started shooting at 9pm on a Friday and wrapped up at 3am. With my wife Rhona as our camera operator, we couldn’t fail. Love you babe!  If you think we didn’t end it all with a meal at Village Inn, then your dead wrong. Although it will be a while before I introduce new episodes, “Lord of the Dream” is a perfect example of what you can expect from Thinkpierce TV.  Until then you can keep your eyes peeled for, well…just about anything.  Thinkpierce, something new every Friday!

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