“Slam Dunking the Facts of Life” by Jonathan Pierce

By Thursday, January 19, 2012Art
Slam Dunking the Facts of Life

Imagine cleaning a clogged garbage disposal and in one wrong move, a huge wad of sludge drops in to your hair, matting it down horribly. Well that’s basically the kind of inspiration Jonathan Pierce pulls from when creating portrayals like “Mealtime” and “Karl vs. LaDonna”.  Jonathan first draws each illustration in pen, passes it along for coloring and then dips a final version in a vat of insecticide for authentication. The best way to enjoy Thinkpierce Art is to order a custom sized print at the Thinkpierce Store. But if that’s not possible, you can actually make your own in three easy steps: 1. First, dislodge a huge clump of sludge from under your refrigerator 2. Next, mix it in a bowl of mayonnaise until “gloppy” 3. Finally, use a butter knife to spread the mixture on the hood of any running car and let it “bake” overnight. If you can manage to scrape it off in one piece the next morning and glue it to your wall, you’re all set.

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