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By Thursday, January 12, 2012website
Facebook Welcome Page

This week we’re focusing all the excitement on one thing: the Thinkpierce Facebook page! This week we gave the Thinkpierce Facebook page a touch up.  In addition to a new welcome image, I also streamlined the definition of Thinkpierce in our info tab.  If you’re not already a fan of the Thinkpierce Facebook page, now couldn’t be a better time to “like” our page.  If you’re already a fan of the Thinkpierce Facebook page, you’ll have to click on the “welcome” tab on the left hand side to see our new cover image.

The year ahead holds a variety of very exciting releases for Thinkpierce, which include two independent films, the very first Thinkpierce Music album, a new book, a brand new website and a whole host of weekly Thinkpierce postings.  So while Thinkpierce prepares for the exciting developments ahead, we invite you to take a look back on how far we’ve come so far.

Remember when Thinkpierce was just a weekly post? See how much we’ve grown by visiting old postings and videos. Browse our store and take a look at the artwork, memorabilia and even new hoodies in our Thinkpierce apparel line for the winter season.  As I prepare for the releases in the months ahead, I think 2012 could go down as Thinkpierce’s most exciting year ever.  If your not already plugged in to Thinkpierce Facebook page, we invite you to “like” us today. In return we plan to make it worth your while with Something New to enjoy Every Friday!

Thanks for hanging out with us every week. If you’ve enjoyed what we’ve been doing so far, I can promise that it only gets better from here! Thinkpierce, Something New Every Friday.

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