The New logo for Thinkpierce Art

By Thursday, February 16, 2012Drawings, Store, website
Thinkpierce Original Art Logo

This week we’re rolling out the new logo for Thinkpierce Original Art. Along with this new logo comes an updated look in both the Thinkpierce Art and Mug store.  In addition to updating the store, we’ve spent a lot of time this week making detailed changes and updates on all the content in our Thinkpierce Art page.  Now that Thinkpierce Art has grown to five pieces with two more on the way, we wanted to make all the content in the category more uniform.  Also each illustration now includes a mini comical story about each piece.  Click through the individual art images to read each one.  Each image also now bears the new Thinkpierce Original Art Logo.  There are more changes that we spent time with, but probably that only we will notice!  The results of making a clean sweep through this category might appear minor, but wow, it took a fair amount of organizing and editing to get it all done!  Big shout out to Rhona my wife for diving in with me! Although she is humble in taking credit, my wife Rhona is a huge contributor to making Thinkpierce happen each week.   it’s an accurate statement to say that I couldn’t keep up with it without her.  Love you babe, you rock!

Two more original illustrations are on their way that will be introduced in upcoming Thinkpierce postings.  What is most exciting about this, is that the last of the two will be the front cover of a new book app we are working on.  This new book app will be the start of something big for Thinkpierce.  It will represent the beginning of a new character and a new book app series that we think will be very exciting. For now, enjoy the updated experience with Thinkpierce Original Art and we’ll see you next Friday! Thinkpierce, Something New Every Friday.

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