CLOSE up view of Hot air Balloon Flames

By Monday, April 23, 2012Thinkpierce Daily
Jim's Hot Air Balloon.

Here’s a close up of the hot air balloon flames coming out the “engine” powering the balloon.  This flame is one of many layers that I have been drawing. In this opening sequence, Jim’s hot air balloon catches on fire, and he jumps out dropping in to his 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis.  Another update, is that I will now be posting Monday through Friday. You will notice a change in the logo above that now says, “Thinkpierce Something New Every Weekday.  Based on combined research and real life experience to back it up, we’ve found out that to our surprise saturday and sunday are the least busiest days for Facebook. never would have thought that, but for anyone out their managing their own blog who might be interested for their own purposes, here’s the link that someone shared with us about a month back (thank you chad hawkins!). based on over a month of real life experience every day, we have put the information in this link to the test and have found it to be dead on! Here’s the link for anyone that it might help:      Since we’ve learned that facebookers are out and about on weekends, we figured that would allow us a couple days off as well 🙂 Going forward we’ll be excited to serve you with a new post Monday through Friday at 9am! Thinkpierce, something new every weekday.

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