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By Thursday, April 12, 2012Books, Drawings, Stories

Jim JamkinsToday I’m super excited to present the iPad menu screen image for my upcoming book app titled, Jim Jamkins: The most awesome wreath on the planet.” The book won’t be available until November of this year, but completing the menu image early was important in order to do some per-release marketing.  In this zany story, Jim Jamkins arrives at the veterinarian clinic to pick up his dog Chim Chim from a check up and toenail clipping.  What Jim didn’t expect was to encounter the most awesome wreath he had ever seen. The story unfolds from there with a series of events that even the most intuitive reader wouldn’t be able to predict.

So far I have 3 full color backgrounds completed including this one and if you’ve been following the daily posts here at then you know that Josh Dunbar is currently working on the coloring for the vehicle Jim will be driving around in, which happens to be a 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis.  More work is ahead as I move on to completing the character development for the veterinarian in the story, Dr. Elington.  But I’m definitely past the up hill portion of this project. I will also be recording a short opening “Jim Jamkins jingle” that will serve as an intro to the book.  It has taken extra attention to detail on the drawings because the entire book will feature light animation throughout the entire story. You will get to see Jim walk, move and react as you read the story or have it read to you. There will also be an auto play option that will allow you to watch the story like a movie.

Of all of the Thinkpierce products, I’m positioning Jim Jamkins to be our “quarter back” product and will continue to produce a line of Jim Jamkins adventures long in to the future. I believe this character and storyline are truly unique and although it has been a big undertaking to create this book app, it’s also been a rewarding process. Stay tuned to and watch the development of the new Jim Jamkins book app unfold with a new post every day! See you tomorrow for another Thinkpierce post, right here at, and if you like what you’re seeing, share us with your favorite friend or enemy on Facebook or Twitter! Thinkpierce, something new every day.

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