The Thinkpierce Home office…

By Thursday, April 5, 2012Thinkpierce Daily
The Thinkpierce Home Office

Finally getting things together at the Thinkpierce home office. You’ve been seeing all the framed illustrations I’ve been posting, and now here’s what things are starting to look like with it all put together. This is where I’ve been editing Thinkpierce movies and drawing Jim Jamkins. My goal with Thinkpierce is for this to be my “full-time” office. Do you have similar goals? Want to make your own dreams come true? I’m not talking about doing something that works well for you, I’m talking about making a living doing work you love to do. I’ve learned that that simple thing is life’s real gold. Who do you know that loves their job? Who do you know that hates their job? Who do you know that is okay with their job, but would really rather being something else if they could. Or maybe you’re that person that loves your job, hey, I’m not saying it doesn’t exist! 🙂 If so, your’e there, rock on. In my case, I’m still working “that” job, but my goal is to go full time with Thinkpierce as well as another business that will be revealed in 2013. Here’s my advice from someone who’s been working at this almost a year now: People won’t always understand your reasons, or your plan, but be careful of letting people influence you who say things like, “oh yeah, I’d like to do _______, but that’s dream world, “or” like that will ever happen, etc…”  If you listen, what you’ll find is that some people refer to the thing that they really want to do with their life as a ridiculous idea. Some people actually joke about the possibility of it ever happening. This may be a harsh way to say it, but for the people in this scenario, accomplishing their dreams is a joke to them, literally.  My advice is, if you have a dream, it’s a good idea for it to not be a joke to you. If you want to live your own heaven on earth, expect to fight for it. What is it going to take to make it happen? Everything you’ve got. But what does that mean? What does that look like? Well, your in luck, cuz I’m on that road right now and I’m sharing it with everyone. If you want to see my mistakes and fumbles that happen along the road to reaching my own goals with Thinkpierce, I’m sharing the experience. Every day I post something new here at that pertains to accomplishing my goals for 2012. Don’t know what those are? Visit the “About” page to learn more.  Hop aboard the Thinkpierce train and join me on the journey to freedom, I’m not stopping till I get there! and I invite you to chase your own dream along the way. Thinkpierce, Something New Every Day.

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