Zoning in on Thinkpierce Art

By Wednesday, April 11, 2012Thinkpierce Daily
Slam Dunking the Facts of Life

Up till now the Thinkpierce Art section has been somewhat of a work in progress, but actually I guess that makes perfect sense. Now that I have completed the six different illustrations I set out to do, I’ve decided to complete their identity by writing a short comical explanation for each one. Today I’m presenting the first one which happens to be, “Slam Dunking the Facts of Life”. ¬†Visit the art page and scroll down to read a short comical explanation that sheds some light on Slam Dunking the Facts of Life. You’ll notice the difference in seeing the other illustrations which all currently have text that comes across as being a bit long and somewhat mish mashed. ¬†New updated explanations will be coming out for the other illustrations in future posts. As a side note, you may notice that the site is running faster. That’s because my wife Rhona moved the site over to new a new hosting provider and she did an awesome job! We had been using Godaddy since we began and noticed in the past couple of months especially that things were getting clunky and slow. After making a change to a new hosting provider, we immediately noticed the pages loading much faster and hopefully you do to. Thinkpierce, something new every day!


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