12 Year Reunion Photo of Annihilation Celebration

By Monday, May 7, 2012Thinkpierce Daily
Annihilation Celebration, Doug Lee & Jonathan Pierce. Thinkpierce.com

Here is a 12 year reunion photo of Doug and I promoting the release of a unique 9 minute fight movie we made called Annihilation Celebration.  These past couple of months, I’ve been busy at work, completely re-editing and updating that movie which will be released in the form of a movie app on Apple’s App Store as well as an Amazon.com movie download. In addition, it will include 3 goofy special feature spots of Doug and I, a movie overview which you can choose to have read to you and a photo gallery featuring both funny and “serious” photos of doug and I.  These photos were shot by Josh Mitchell and edited by David Spence. David surprised me by “beefing up” my character a bit in photoshop, if I keep working out, perhaps this is what i will look like! lol. Josh is a movie editor and photographer in Chicago and David has his own photography business called Encre Photography here in Tulsa, OK. Both of them are hugely talented guys. Look for the release of Thinkpierce’s first film, Annihilation Celebration, this June!  Thinkpierce, Something New Every Weekday!

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