Jonathan Hosts a Beef Baloney Production

By Friday, July 13, 2012Videos

Years back I hosted a “tonight show” style production created by Beef Baloney members Nathan Gray and Brian Storkel. Nathan and Brian shared a television production class in college at the time and created the show to complete one of their class assignments. I ended up receiving a call from Nathan to be a part of it because he was aware that I was certifiably insane. Enjoy part one of this unique collaboration that still frightens people to this day… Thinkpierce, Something New Every Friday!

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  • says:

    LOL sooo fidgety! Reminded me of Jim Carey… Love the beginning when always facing the wrong cam, begged for a joke there + “Auto Picture” LOLZ

  • jonathan says:

    lol, yeah the wrong camera thing was not intentional ha ha, I would love to to do another skit like that show in the future, it was a lot of fun, the interview with “Ron” in part 2 were the funniest moments for me.

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