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By Thursday, October 18, 2012Business, Stories, website
Utica Remodeling Company - Tulsa

I recently reached a point in my video editing when I realized I would soon be coming up on the video footage of the different remodeling projects I had done.  I began to brainstorm about how I would be presenting that footage and what place it would have in the Thinkpierce Platform.  After some thought, I decided to combine the remodeling photos and videos in to their own website… and that’s when was born.

 When I first started out in my remodeling business, I went by the name, “One Man Show Remodeling.” After growing the business further, I then updated the name to, “Utica Remodeling Company.”  Although I am no longer accepting new remodeling work at this time, I decided the best way to organize the videos & photos of my remodeling days would be by creating an additional “tribute” website ( that existed in conjunction with

 Check out the newest addition to the Thinkpierce family;! Thinkpierce, Something New Every Friday!

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