Jonathan presents Dick Spazway’s Road to Success

By Thursday, February 28, 2013Books, Stories

Dick SpazwaySometime between elementary & middle school I started drawing ridiculous comics on pretty much whatever happened to be near me at the time.  It was during that era as kid when you and your friends have developed so much inside joke jargon that you’re practically speaking a different language at times. The comics were just one more way that jargon was being put to use and the less sense each comic made, the more it seemed to entertain me. I eventually assembled together the different pieces of paper & cardboard the comics were written on and my first booklet, “Dick Spazway’s Road to Success” was born. Even now as a digital read, Dick Spazway’s Road to Success still has the power to kill brain cells. But don’t take my word for it; test-drive Dick Spazway’s Road to Success for yourself and when you’re done get ready to go off the beaten path again with booklet #2, National Debt. Coming next week. Thinkpierce, Something New Every Friday!

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