Jonathan presents “National Debt”

By Thursday, March 7, 2013Books, Stories

National DebtAs I was wrapping up Dick Spazway’s Road to Success I was already putting together new material for my next screwball booklet, which I ended up naming “National Debt.”  Still including plenty of garbled comics, Booklet #2 also featured short stories that were equally spazzed out.  Guided by what had become my golden rule; “The less sense it makes, the better it is,” it didn’t take long for the National Debt Booklet to become populated with oddball characters and adventures as my collection of fragmented stories took shape. After completing the booklet, I created a number of Xeroxed copies and sold them at my middle school for fifty cents. The “booklet roll out” ended up being a positive experience. My peers seemed to like the stories and I didn’t seem to have to bend people’s arm too hard to buy a copy from the stash I kept in my backpack. National Debt also took a musical detour when I got together with a couple friends to record the official “National Debt” song, which is included below for your listening pleasure or perhaps more realistically, persecution. Thinkpierce, Something New Every Friday!

Listen to the National Debt Song: [ca_audio url=”″ width=”500″ height=”27″ css_class=”codeart-google-mp3-player”]

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