Jonathan Pierce introduces, “Zap Nugget”

By Thursday, April 18, 2013Books


Birthed from a lineage of homemade style booklets, Jonathan Pierce’s whacko-happy book, Zap Nugget offers a unique literary adventure that could best be described as experiencing “Sludge-Wad Psychosis”. Starting with page one, Zap Nugget readers are immediately dumped into an inkhorn of insanity as they explore a hodgepodge of zany illustrated stories and oddball comics. Casting a wide net, the mini stories in Zap Nugget bust open the doors on a variety of topics like, doctoral robes, going in to the scab selling business, creating a month long lesson plan to learn about frogs, identifying the problem with nomads and much more.  Offering 30 pages of total bliss, Zap Nugget has the power to offer something exciting to everybody and nobody all at the same time. So for those who want to live vicariously through characters like “Barg” who encounters the unpleasant of experience of getting his toenail ripped off in a motorcycle gear-shift gone wrong, strap in for a good read that is guaranteed to leave your hair greased and your lips so dry that they’re cracked and crusty. Click here to order your copy today!

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