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By Sunday, July 13, 2014Business
I Don't Want To Deal With This

Hello peeps, I’m back with update part 2. In addition to Jonathan Pierce Real Estate, the other thing I’ve been working on is a service called “” Yes…that’s actually the name of the service. In a nut shell the service sells the stuff you don’t want any more for you and pays you on paypal.

We all have things sitting around our house that we don’t want or use anymore, but not everyone wants to deal with selling it on ebay or craigslist – it’s a situation where you don’t want to throw it away, but you also don’t want to deal with selling it, so it just sits and continues to collect dust. That’s where comes in.

At some point you wanted or needed that item enough to buy it. Now that you’re done with it, we’ll help you make money by passing it along to someone else who wants it as much as you once did. Simply collect all the stuff you don’t want anymore into a pile in your living room and we’ll come pick it up for free. (10 item minimum) We’ll deal with selling it for you and when it sells, we’ll pay you on paypal. When it comes to getting money for the stuff you don’t want anymore, we make it about as easy as it gets. It really is as simple as walking around your house or apartment, grabbing stuff you don’t’ use anymore and putting it in a pile in your living room. Learn more at and contact us for your FREE pick up today!

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