The Turtleneck Club

By Thursday, March 19, 2015Movies

The exact year is unknown, but one this is for certain…turtlenecks are awesome and in Jonathan Pierce’s movie The Turtleneck Club, seven friends unite one a week to make sure none of them forget that. Returning home after running errands, Tim Kawoski (Jonathan Pierce) arrives at his apartment with an item that is anything but typical…a traction kit. Having never owned one, Tim is determined to figure out just exactly what this new contraption is all about. But with Turtleneck Club members scheduled to arrive any minute, it would have to wait. Wrapped up in the wild and crazy evening that ensued, there was no way Tim could have imagined snoopy T-neck member RC Stitt, (JP Moorman) would take the traction kit into his own hands, creating a Turtleneck Club meeting that would go down in “full-neck” history…

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