Jonathan & Scott perform the “Happy Birthday Song”

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Years back Scott Norvell and I were part of a show at our church called “Sunday Night Live.” Our recent Birthdays inspired some of the entertainment of that week’s show. Scott recorded an original “birthday song” on his computer and then we added lyrics and choreography. See how it all came together by watching the video in this week’s post. Thinkpierce, Something New Every Friday!

Jonathan & The Red Bandit River Dancers

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One day in high school I found myself sitting in the principal’s office.  It was kind of awkward.  An administrator was looking at me with concern and was somewhat dumbfounded.  I had just asked her if I could do a River Dance at one of the High School Football Assemblies.  Not really knowing how to respond, she told me to write up a proposal letter and bring it back to her. Read More

Animatronical VCR Break Down

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This is the first of a variety of videos I will be posting from my “break dancing” days.  Starting around the age of 16, I spent a good many evenings in the garage snap, crackling, and popping to a cranked ghetto blaster.   This is an edit I put together showing one of those moments captured on video.   I invite you to give it a gander…  Thinkpierce!  Something New Every Friday.