The all-new Video & Music page!

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Two weeks ago it was time for an Art page overhaul, and this week it was the Video page’s turn.  I recently had come up with a “logo stamp” to put on the beginning and ending of each video. The 1st video I edited it into was the release of the river dance video. Next came the “Knights in tights” video.  After the release of that video, I decided it really needed to be on all the videos. To do this, I had to delete nearly all the current videos and re-edit them with the new beginning and ending. That’s what this past week has been all about.  I think you’ll like the changes. In addition each video now has it’s own title image that introduces the upcoming content you’re about to see. This also means my youtube view count on most all of my videos went back down to zero!  But I felt the new changes were worth a more informative viewing experience in the long run. Read More

Utica Remodeling Meets Daniel(s)

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How does raw video footage of a house remodel end up being edited in to a music video? That’s what this week’s post is all about…  During my remodeling days I made sure to keep an ongoing portfolio of my remodeling jobs to be able to show future clients examples of my work.  My main medium of choice to do that?  Video of course.  That’s where James Plumlee came in.  I first knew about James from my middle school “punk rock” days.  My friends and I would go to shows and see his band “Good” perform at local venues.  Years later James joined forces with my friend Daniel Sutliff to form the band “And There Stand Empires“, a four member band that blends two bass guitars with drums, distortion, keyboards and xylophones.  I learned through Daniel that James did great video work, and that’s when James received my call.  Over the past few years, James has shot a wide variety of projects for me mostly remodeling related. Read More

White Robes & Red Bows

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1Another product that will be available on in the future is original music presented with a unique twist. Music has been a big part of my life ever since 6th grade when I started playing drums on a practice pad.  But I wouldn’t say it was coincidence.  Since I was in diapers my father has worked as a college music professor and my mother as a private piano teacher.  It would be an understatement to say that I’ve attended my fair share of orchestra and choral concerts.  Those experiences allowed me to learn a unique and valuable skill that few people posses: how to properly read a classical concert program.  The average concert attendee would look at a program that appeared to have 6 songs and think, “oh yeah, I can totally handle this.  Six songs and we’re home free.”  But what I learned the hard way as a young kid was that those six songs are actually six “movements” each packed with an onslaught of “booby trap” songs that keep the concert going on and on for hours!! Ha ha, I joke about it, but those moments helped shape an appreciation for music in my life that continues today. Read More