Garrett Weindorf Parties with Thinkpierce

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pic 1Recently I joined forces with the one and only Garrett Wiendorf to film a scene like no other.  I am in the process of recreating an independent film I made a few years ago and decided I needed to film an extra scene to help with the pacing of the story.  The character I had created in my mind was somewhat of a tech guy who was into “gearing up” with all kinds of electronic devices…but not just any electronic device; old school stuff, like VCRs, Palm pilots, and telephone headsets.  In addition, I decided the character needed to be totally in to “snacks”, having a “sea of snacks” covering his entire bed.  I even nabbed an odd tray furniture piece at the thrift store that set beside him in the bed, acting as somewhat of a “snack trophy table” specifically designed to showcase the “top pick” snacks for easy access. Read More

White Robes & Red Bows

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1Another product that will be available on in the future is original music presented with a unique twist. Music has been a big part of my life ever since 6th grade when I started playing drums on a practice pad.  But I wouldn’t say it was coincidence.  Since I was in diapers my father has worked as a college music professor and my mother as a private piano teacher.  It would be an understatement to say that I’ve attended my fair share of orchestra and choral concerts.  Those experiences allowed me to learn a unique and valuable skill that few people posses: how to properly read a classical concert program.  The average concert attendee would look at a program that appeared to have 6 songs and think, “oh yeah, I can totally handle this.  Six songs and we’re home free.”  But what I learned the hard way as a young kid was that those six songs are actually six “movements” each packed with an onslaught of “booby trap” songs that keep the concert going on and on for hours!! Ha ha, I joke about it, but those moments helped shape an appreciation for music in my life that continues today. Read More

A look into the past..

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1Ever since creating the new business card for, I’ve been reminded of all of the business cards I’ve had from my remodeling days.  At the end of 2007 I was wrapping up two years of operating  I was frustrated.  I was producing a lot of content, but I was also wearing myself out.  I didn’t know it at the time, but I needed a better balance, clearer direction and more business and technical insight.  All I knew was that I was overwhelmed with my own goals and needed a break.  In hindsight, if someone had slapped me around a bit and sent me back in to the ring, I probably would have kept going.  But that’s life.  In truth, because of what happened next, I gained both the technical and business insight I needed that helped shape the new direction my wife and I are headed in now. Read More