Jonathan's Goals

Jonathan Shares his personal goals

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When I decided to re-launch almost a year ago, it started as just something that I had a desire to do.  I had a general plan of what I wanted to accomplish with Thinkpierce, but didn’t necessarily have all the details worked out. When I began, I just had a desire to share many of the crazy things I had done, like photo shoots and stories.  While digging through some old things I ran across a number of drawings.  From there I was inspired to turn them into something more.  To make a long story short, I worked with Josh Dunbar to add color to each one and when the dust settled, I had a number of illustrations that represented my humorous approach to drawing that now serve as the Thinkpierce Art Collection. Read More

See the art work of our upcoming book app

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Jim JamkinsToday I’m super excited to present the iPad menu screen image for my upcoming book app titled, Jim Jamkins: The most awesome wreath on the planet.” The book won’t be available until November of this year, but completing the menu image early was important in order to do some per-release marketing.  In this zany story, Jim Jamkins arrives at the veterinarian clinic to pick up his dog Chim Chim from a check up and toenail clipping.  What Jim didn’t expect was to encounter the most awesome wreath he had ever seen. The story unfolds from there with a series of events that even the most intuitive reader wouldn’t be able to predict.

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Jonathan & The Red Bandit River Dancers

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One day in high school I found myself sitting in the principal’s office.  It was kind of awkward.  An administrator was looking at me with concern and was somewhat dumbfounded.  I had just asked her if I could do a River Dance at one of the High School Football Assemblies.  Not really knowing how to respond, she told me to write up a proposal letter and bring it back to her. Read More

Hot dogs at the dump

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Enjoying the Hot DogsIt was the Saturday morning event I had been looking forward to all month, a special gathering where the guys and I could just relax over a meal straight off the grill. After slicking back my hair with Palmolive, I ran over my checklist to make sure everything was packed for the big outing. Hot dogs; check, egg crates; loaded, party grill; packed, hair combed; done, ironed shirt and crimped dress slacks; ready. Yep, I was ready. I thundered up my limited edition Grand Marquee, and swooped up Paul and Spencer. Read More

This is your Brain on Thinkpierce

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Josh and JonathanCreating some of the motion graphics for an upcoming independent film recently became a group activity. You might not be surprised to learn that all had to do with a crazy dream sequence. The task called for some odd requests involving animated brains. To have the brains created from scratch, there was only one person to call…Josh.  And to have them animated on screen, there was also only one person to contact…Josh. The two Josh’s I’m talking about here are professional artist Josh Dunbar and Professional Editor Josh Mitchell. Read More

Jonathan Pierce, Creator of Thinkpierce

What is Thinkpierce?

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What is Thinkpierce? That seems to be the question that comes up when someone runs across Although under a different name at the time, Thinkpierce began after I graduated high school and started an “entertainment business” performing original comedy acts and music.  That first concept was a springboard to what has developed into today.  Over the years I’ve built up a collection of original videos, music, films, art, photo shoots, short stories, etc. Creating these different types of products is something I am practically programmed to do.  With no motivation other than sheer creative instinct, I seem to be in the never-ending process of fleshing out a new idea. Once I realized there was no more denying it, I organized it all under the only name that made sense, Thinkpierce. As a result, every Friday I share a new creative work or update on the website. So if it’s Friday, you can be sure something will be ready and waiting for you at   We’re also excited to have recently launched the Thinkpierce store where you can find original products, like art and clothing. Many more exciting products including independent films, music, and humorous books are currently in the works.

In addition, one thing I’ve realized over the years was that I wanted to live for something more than myself.  For me, that’s where my personal belief as a Christian comes in.  Through my creativity, I hope to spread the message of acceptance, humility, and a renewed mind through Jesus Christ. It’s amazing how many of the problems we have in our lives and in this world that could be instantly solved with even a few sentences of advice from the Bible.  I am greatly inspired by the stories of disciples who spent their lives traveling the earth, enduring imprisonment and torture to share a message that had the power to change a person’s life for the better. A message that reveals you can own nothing, yet have everything you need. Through Thinkpierce, I hope to share that same message in my own way. If in return, you are inspired to follow your dreams and live for more than yourself in the process then to me Thinkpierce is achieving something worthwhile.

So to you newcomers, come aboard the Thinkpierce train and strap in for a wild ride. There will always be something new to entertain you every Friday at Thinkpierce, so join our weekly e-mail list, plug into our Facebook page, then throw it in overdrive and never look back.  This is only the beginning!  Many more surprises are ahead…   Get ready to Thinkpierce!


Jonathan rolls out Thinkpierce TV!

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If there were one facet of Thinkpierce that best represented who we are and what we do, it would be Thinkpierce TV.   My dad say’s it best in saying that if there was something happening in my life, I was somehow getting it on video.  As a result, I’ve built up a large collection of VHS tapes, DV tapes, hi-8 tapes, and DVD’s loaded with footage that included anything from live performances, sketch comedy, scenes of unfinished films, music, break dancing, to total randomness. In 2010, I focused on converting it all in to my computer and after countless hours of capturing and logging footage I now have it all organized in hard drives under a folder that could only be named one thing; Thinkpierce TV. Read More