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Jonathan appears on Channel 2’s Show, “The List”

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This week I had a great opportunity to promote by appearing on Channel 2’s show, “The List.” It all started when a channel 2 producer saw a Facebook post that was shared about the IDontWanttoDealWithThis service. He invited me to be on the show through a Facebook message and I was there the next day filming with host Erin Tompkins. Special thanks to Garrett Weindorf and Randy Lane for connecting the dots to make this happen; you guys rock hard. Seriously.

Jonathan Pierce and Doug Lee. Annihilation Celebration.

New Thinkpierce Movie Makes Progress

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At this point most all of the elements of the Annihilation Celebration movie app are completed.  Right now I’m working on completed the edits to the videos. Here’s a clip from one of the special features videos that I’ve been working on. A few things popped up in the project that needed attention that will cause the release to be pushed back a bit. At this point it’s looking like it will be closer to July before we’ll be getting it in to the app store and Thinkpierce, Something New Every Weekday!