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A poster promoting products by Jonathan Pierce.

See A new Thinkpierce Poster

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This promo poster will be framed and included as part of the Thinkpierce Art Gallery showings that will begin in June/July.  In the months ahead, I will be showcasing Thinkpierce Art in a variety of locations such as coffee shops and local retailers to help promote the upcoming Movie App releases.  This framed poster will help give information to viewers as they process the slightly absurd imagery of Thinkpierce Art. Thinkpierce, Something New Every Weekday!

Annihilation Celebration Movie App by Jonathan Pierce & Doug Lee.

See the iPad Menu for Annihilation Celebration

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Here’s a screen shot of the iPad menu layout for the upcoming movie app, Annihilation Celebration.  The app will allow viewers to watch the movie, see 4 special features spoof videos, view a photo album, and view a section called “About the Film” which the viewer can read or choose to click a button that will read it to them. The iPad also included links to Thinkpierce’s social networks and website. I had Josh Dunbar create the buttons, and laid out the design in photoshop using Apple’s most recent recommended screen resolution for the iPad 3. Annihilation celebration will also be available for the android app market and as a regular movie download on  Look for it in June!  Thinkpierce, Something New Every Weekday!

FIlms & Books by Jonathan Pierce.

Thinkpierce works with an excellent voice

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The past weekend I updated almost all of the Thinkpierce videos with a new ending message.  Now on almost all of the Thinkpierce videos you will hear the booming voice of Anton Smith stating “Films and Books by Jonathan Pierce, Download one today at” This update is being put in place to prepare for the upcoming film and book releases by Thinkpierce, which will become available as early as this June. Watch one of the Thinkpierce videos on our “videos” tab to hear Anton’s voice at the end. I’ve also decided to use Anton’s voice as the narrater for the Jim Jamkins book app coming later this year. I’ve already done a test with his voice reading a scene from the book, and let me tell you, it’s a magical match. Thinkpierce, Something New Every Weekday!

Thinkpierce teams up with Fashion Meets Art.

Thinkpierce teams up with Fashion Meets Art

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Yesterday Thinkpierce teamed up with Fashion Meets Art to help promote their yearly event. Fashion Meets Art is an organization started by Alicia Stephens and Neisha Barclow that seeks out and promotes artistic entreperenurs in Tulsa, Oklahoma and beyond. Yesterday was their bi-annual event that allows the public to mingle with local vendors and ends with a full blown fashion show featuring local designers. It was a blast! You can learn how to get involved and attend future events at: