The Mezeppa Show on DVD

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It’s all here! Re-live the off-the-cuff, insane genious of the Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting on DVD! Each DVD includes special unforgettable highlights, such as Mazeppa’s Opening Theme, Isham Jones’ Classic “Why Can’t This Night Go On Forever” with closing credits, and various hand-picked highlights. Each DVD is $29.95

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Jonathan Pierce Introduces “Thrift Store Book Acting”…

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One day I came up with the idea of something called “Thrift Store Book Acting”. The explanation is pretty much in the name. The idea is to grab a random book and act out the dialogue from one of the pages. I called up my friend Paul Ross to see if he wanted to take part in the first episode. He thumbs upped it and a week later we recorded it… Check it out!

New Spoof Video from Jonathan Pierce – Angie’s List “Reasons”

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One day I woke up, turned on the TV and experienced something amazing, a commercial by Angie’s List that focused on different “Reasons” for joining the Angie’s List service. I realized this was “shout it from the mountain top” kind of opportunity to share my own adlibbed reasons for joining Angie’s List and another Thinkpierce Video was born…check it out!

What happens when seven Turtleneck Club members pull down their neck flaps and bare it all….

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Most of the time as a Turtleneck Club member, you let the Turtleneck do the talking. But in this rare Turtleneck Club special feature, Turtleneck movie cast members pull down their neck flaps and bare it all in a collection of candid interviews that cover everything from what it was like to gulp down non-refrigerated Cran-Apple Shasta, to solving the mystery surrounding the true function of a traction kit. Behold; The Turtleneck Club Cast Interviews.