The Businessmen of Bemington Daycare

A short film by Jonathan Pierce.

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Product Description

Life at the office is turned upside down in Jonathan Pierce’s comedy that features six businessmen who work together in an unlikely place; a daycare classroom. In The Businessmen of Bemington Daycare, play areas become “specialized departments” as every aspect of the daycare classroom is handled with the professional etiquette of corporate America. Waking up from naptime, Mike (Jonathan Pierce) and Russell (Justin Vanscoy) begin to network during their afternoon snack. After Mike learns of Russell’s plan to completely redesign the wooden block play area, the two decide to call a group meeting to present a compelling sales pitch in an attempt to get everyone else on board. However it doesn’t take long for the project to spin out of control and Mike’s obsession with the plans is making everyone nervous about whether or not they will pass the upcoming building inspection. COMING SOON.


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