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Jonathan appears on Channel 2’s Show, “The List”

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This week I had a great opportunity to promote IDontWanttoDealWithThis.com by appearing on Channel 2’s show, “The List.” It all started when a channel 2 producer saw a Facebook post that was shared about the IDontWanttoDealWithThis service. He invited me to be on the show through a Facebook message and I was there the next day filming with host Erin Tompkins. Special thanks to Garrett Weindorf and Randy Lane for connecting the dots to make this happen; you guys rock hard. Seriously.

I Don't Want To Deal With This

Jonathan Introduces IDontWanttoDealWithThis.com

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Hello peeps, I’m back with update part 2. In addition to Jonathan Pierce Real Estate, the other thing I’ve been working on is a service called “IDontWanttoDealWithThis.com” Yes…that’s actually the name of the service. In a nut shell the service sells the stuff you don’t want any more for you and pays you on paypal.

We all have things sitting around our house that we don’t want or use anymore, but not everyone wants to deal with selling it on ebay or craigslist – it’s a situation where you don’t want to throw it away, but you also don’t want to deal with selling it, so it just sits and continues to collect dust. That’s where IDontWanttoDealWithThis.com comes in.

At some point you wanted or needed that item enough to buy it. Now that you’re done with it, we’ll help you make money by passing it along to someone else who wants it as much as you once did. Simply collect all the stuff you don’t want anymore into a pile in your living room and we’ll come pick it up for free. (10 item minimum) We’ll deal with selling it for you and when it sells, we’ll pay you on paypal. When it comes to getting money for the stuff you don’t want anymore, we make it about as easy as it gets. It really is as simple as walking around your house or apartment, grabbing stuff you don’t’ use anymore and putting it in a pile in your living room. Learn more at IDontWanttoDealWithThis.com and contact us for your FREE pick up today!

Thinkpierce Art at Shades of Brown

See Thinkpierce Art on Display at Shades of Brown!

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 Have you ever wanted to know what 3 ft by 5 ft framed prints of Thinkpierce Art would look like up close and personal? Well now you can… This month I’m the featured artist at Shades of Brown Coffee at 33rd and Peoria. Whether it’s a $50 framed print, a $9 book or a $5 mug, there’s something for everyone. This is also a great chance to check out paperback copies of the “Zap Nugget” book in person, which features zany illustrated stories. In the front room you’re greeted by a giant storage pallet that has “The Crab Dude” painted on it and a yellow cardboard arrow signaling the way to more art. Read More

Jonathan Presents the Utica Remodeling Episodes

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Utica Remodeling CompanyWhen I started setting up a camera on my remodeling jobs with the idea of creating a website that showcased videos of my work, I wondered why more business owners didn’t try to do the same thing.  Now that I’ve done it I know why; it is practically a second job! Ha ha.  Click here to check out this week’s video, which combines clips from various job sites to create a power packed promo for the Utica Remodeling Company Episodes. Thinkpierce, Something New Every Friday!

Thinkpierce presents the story of Numlock & Gordon

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Numlock & Gordon“Numlock & Gordon” is the half-finished illustrated story of two characters that I sketched while working a call center job. It began by drawing a character named Gordon in a veterinarian clinic who was becoming obsessed with a rugged door wreath while waiting for his dog – you know, the predictable action-romance “Hollywood blockbuster” storyline that gets recycled and released every year? Yeah, that one. From there a rough plot began in my head adding a sidekick character named “Numlock” (named after the numlock key) and the Numlock and Gordon adventure began. Read More

Jonathan Remodels an Owner Finance Fix Up

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The Owner Finance Fix-upOne day I found myself considering the purchase of a run down property as I toured it with the owner.  It was a total wreck with an interior that felt more like a neglected barn than a residential dwelling.  After viewing the various animal cages and piles of junk that were emitting an incredible odor through the entire house, I looked at him and said, “I’ll take it.” Click here to watch the transformation now. Thinkpierce, Something New Every Friday!

Jim Jamkins

The Updated “Books” Page

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Shortly after graduating high school I started writing a book about an oddball character that lived in a school bus titled, “Jim Jamkins: The Fringe Benefits of Converting a School Bus into a Home.” The comical story allowed readers to see life through Jim’s eyes as he used unlikely logic to handle the different experiences that were presented to him throughout each chapter. I went on to self-publish the book as a paperback in 2005, making it available for sale online.

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