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New Spoof Video from Jonathan Pierce – Angie’s List “Reasons”

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One day I woke up, turned on the TV and experienced something amazing, a commercial by Angie’s List that focused on different “Reasons” for joining the Angie’s List service. I realized this was “shout it from the mountain top” kind of opportunity to share my own adlibbed reasons for joining Angie’s List and another Thinkpierce Video was born…check it out!

Jonathan appears on Channel 2’s Show, “The List”

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This week I had a great opportunity to promote IDontWanttoDealWithThis.com by appearing on Channel 2’s show, “The List.” It all started when a channel 2 producer saw a Facebook post that was shared about the IDontWanttoDealWithThis service. He invited me to be on the show through a Facebook message and I was there the next day filming with host Erin Tompkins. Special thanks to Garrett Weindorf and Randy Lane for connecting the dots to make this happen; you guys rock hard. Seriously.

The all-new Video & Music page!

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Two weeks ago it was time for an Art page overhaul, and this week it was the Video page’s turn.  I recently had come up with a “logo stamp” to put on the beginning and ending of each video. The 1st video I edited it into was the release of the river dance video. Next came the “Knights in tights” video.  After the release of that video, I decided it really needed to be on all the videos. To do this, I had to delete nearly all the current videos and re-edit them with the new beginning and ending. That’s what this past week has been all about.  I think you’ll like the changes. In addition each video now has it’s own title image that introduces the upcoming content you’re about to see. This also means my youtube view count on most all of my videos went back down to zero!  But I felt the new changes were worth a more informative viewing experience in the long run. Read More

The Informant: New short film by Thinkpierce

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It’s not easy to be an informant in the medieval realm of Thinkpierce, but someone’s got to do it.  That was the job of Jeff Phillips who played the role of Sidias in the newest short film from Thinkpierce titled: The Informant.  The whole idea started with me thinking it would be funny for two guys dressed up in medieval robes to be engaged in a ridiculous conversation between a cracked door.  It later evolved into a cast of four and included barbecue turkey legs, a beheading and ridiculous medieval attire.  Read More

Introducing… The Video tab!

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This week we’re rolling out a very exciting part of thinkpierce.com… The Video tab!!  The Thinkpierce crew and I have been hard at work, creating some really great videos to entertain you.  One of which will help promote the new Thinkpierce T-shirt!!  Get ready for some unique new videos headed your way in the near future.  Until then, enjoy a one-minute video I put together that promotes our weekly e-mail list and gives you a sneak peak at a brand new Thinkpierce Commercial!  Click on the new Video tab above to view it.