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Jonathan works on a Midtown Mansion

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The Midtown MansionThroughout my remodeling days I’ve been fortunate to be a part of variety of large remodel projects, which in some cases would be better described as a small hotel then a residential dwelling.  But none was more memorable than one particular home remodel project that I got to be a part of one winter in Tulsa.  Click here to read more and see the photos from this extensive remodel. Thinkpierce, Something New Every Friday!

Abandoned VHS Tapes? Not on my Shift…

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Pic 1When’s the last time you rented a VHS copy of “The Mask of Zorro” that had a custom totally non-authentic poorly hand drawn cover on it? Well if you frequented the Reasor’s video rental store in Jenks, Oklahoma around 1998 you might be able to say about 13 years ago. That’s about the time Reasor’s video and I teamed up together for an employment experience like no other.  That’s also where I met Justin Vanscoy for the first time. Justin starred in a short film I made about 9 years later, a super unique comedy that touches on such jolting subjects as “snack time”, “nap time”, and “the plans”. That movie is currently on the chopping block and will be offered on www.thinkpierce.com some time next year. Read More