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Watch the Turtleneck Club Movie…

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Imagine yourself sitting on a couch from 1983. You’re wearing a stylish turtleneck and you’ve just been passed a Choco-taco. Loud saxophone music is playing and people are screaming at the top of their lungs. You’re confused, excited, and cautious all at the same time. Now imagine this sequence of events were filmed and edited in to a movie called The Turtleneck Club. Imagine a guy named Jonathan Pierce was responsible for all this and that at this very moment you were staring at an embedded video called “The Turtleneck Club Movie” and all you had to do to experience it was loosen the grip on your Cran-Apple Shasta long enough to position your mouse arrow over the play button and click it? Imagine the opportunity to experience all of this came down to the following two choices: Do you click the button and watch the video? Or do you throw in the towel and abandon ship?

Go Behind the Scenes with the Turtleneck Club…

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When it comes to making a movie about guys who wear Turtlenecks, there’s probably about a thousand questions that come to mind; How was it decided which Turtleneck Club member would drink Cran-Apple Shasta and which member would tackle the Caffeine Free Diet Root Beer? From that viewpoint, you’re probably seeing how the door could be opened to a thousand more questions exploring that issue alone. Fortunately something has been done about it; the Behind the Scenes Turtleneck Club Special Feature.

Sit next to Allen Spenzetti as he wipes a bucket of sweat off his face. Feel Mark Hatterberry’s stomach pain as he is asked to eat is 12th chocolate, and experience Zane Rucker’s excitement as he describes the plaid non-wrinkle Turtleneck he had ordered online. It’s all packed in to one special feature video that will debunk every myth you’ve ever heard about filming people in Turtlenecks. So pull back the tab on that orange-lime Shasta, nestle in to you favorite armchair, and get ready to go behind the scenes with the Turtleneck Club.

What happens when seven Turtleneck Club members pull down their neck flaps and bare it all….

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Most of the time as a Turtleneck Club member, you let the Turtleneck do the talking. But in this rare Turtleneck Club special feature, Turtleneck movie cast members pull down their neck flaps and bare it all in a collection of candid interviews that cover everything from what it was like to gulp down non-refrigerated Cran-Apple Shasta, to solving the mystery surrounding the true function of a traction kit. Behold; The Turtleneck Club Cast Interviews.

Check out The Turtleneck Club Movie Trailer!

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If you haven’t yet seen the Turtleneck Club Movie Trailer, you’ll want to follow these three steps before you do…

Step #1: Grab a Turtleneck out of your closet and put it on. (If you don’t have one, buy one at the thrift store.)

Step#2: Grab a 12 pack of diet root beer Shasta. (If you’re out, pick up a case at your local Warehouse Market)

Step #3: Make sure your Turtleneck is in “full-neck” mode, open your first can of diet root beer Shasta and push play.

The Photos of Redneck Burger

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Every once in a while a photo shoot comes along that makes you realize you’re not in Kansas any more, this isn’t that photo shoot, but it’s still pretty intense.