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I Made an App…

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Annihilation Celebration AppWell I made an App. What I could have never imagined is that Apple would reject it for a reason that still doesn’t make sense to me. Here’s the story…

 I was in the middle of editing an independent film I had made called Annihilation Celebration. When deciding how to distribute it, the two obvious options were Amazon and iTunes. From my reading I learned that offering my movie on Amazon would be no problem, but that getting approved on iTunes would be close to impossible. Requiring an expensive process in which you paid “approved aggregators” who still can’t ensure that you’ll be approved once submitted, everything I read basically confirmed it was close to impossible to get your movie available on iTunes as an independent film maker.  However I ran across an article written by an indie filmmaker who had found a creative way to offer his movie as an App. Read More

Learn more about the Jim Jamkins Series

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Jim JamkinsShortly after graduating high school I wrote and self-published a book about an oddball character that lived in a school bus titled, “Jim Jamkins: The Fringe Benefits of Converting a School Bus into a Home.” The comical story allowed readers to see life through Jim’s eyes as he used unlikely logic to handle the different experiences that were presented to him throughout each chapter. In the opening pages Jim decides to purchase and live in a school bus. Although he researched a number of housing options, Jim realized that to afford any of them he would have to put in more than 30 hours a week at the local pizza place where he worked. Spending that amount of time working would severely cut in to Jim’s current video game schedule. And if you knew anything about Jim, you understood that gaming was one aspect of his life that was non-negotiable. Sure, he ended up having to buy cheaper land that was located next to a semi-dangerous electrical power site in order to stay within his budget and pull the whole thing off, but on the flipside he was able to live in a freaking awesome custom rigged school bus and enjoy uninterrupted game play. Read More

Jonathan Presents The Cheyenne Apartment

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For roughly 6 years I lived in a downtown Tulsa Apartment that also ended up being the location where I created the first version of Thinkpierce.com. The low rent and high tolerance of the area allowed me the freedom to fund creative endeavors and play drums at full volume (even though I had neighbors directly below me– thanks Daniel & Mercedes! ☺ It also ended up being the set location of an independent film I made called, “The Turtleneck Club”  Let’s just say to call it a bachelor pad, would be an understatement; for starters I literally installed a shower in it. ha ha. Before getting married and moving to a place with a roof that didn’t leak, ha ha, I decided to get it on camera in all it’s glory thanks to the help of video buff James Plumlee. In addition to shooting the apartment at different times of the year, I was able to get access to a couple of high-rise buildings nearby to really capture the area. It’s been fun to finally put all the pieces together and end up with a video snap shot of what would best be described as the original “Thinkpierce Headquarters.” Thinkpierce, Something New Every Friday!

Captain Robert and the Search for Magni-Tron Transmitters

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Captain Robert PlayAnyone that has rummaged through a few pages of Thinkpierce.com, probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that drama class was one of my electives as a senior in high school.  What might not be expected however was that I hated it.  The class focused heavily on Shakespeare type plays and other stereotypical content that anyone would assume to be a part of a drama class. It seemed to be something my peers could get in to, but it just wasn’t for me. When I dropped the class and didn’t return the next quarter something unique happened; for whatever reason, the drama teacher Mrs. Harbolt wanted me to come back to the class when the next semester started.  Around that same time I had already started working on a rough draft for a space based story during my homeroom period that featured a character named Captain Robert. I wasn’t really interested in coming back to the class if I had to keep doing the same type of stuff I had done the first quarter, however Mrs. Harbolt’s question put another idea in my head. I asked her if she would let me put on my own play if I enrolled in drama again next semester.  I don’t know why, but she said yes and that moment marked the beginning of what would eventually turn in to a play called, “Captain Robert and the Search for Magni-Tron Transmitters.” Read More

Thinkpierce presents the story of Numlock & Gordon

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Numlock & Gordon“Numlock & Gordon” is the half-finished illustrated story of two characters that I sketched while working a call center job. It began by drawing a character named Gordon in a veterinarian clinic who was becoming obsessed with a rugged door wreath while waiting for his dog – you know, the predictable action-romance “Hollywood blockbuster” storyline that gets recycled and released every year? Yeah, that one. From there a rough plot began in my head adding a sidekick character named “Numlock” (named after the numlock key) and the Numlock and Gordon adventure began. Read More

Jonathan Builds a Shower in his Apartment

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The Apartment ShowerShortly after creating the movie Adult Daycare, I moved in to an apartment in downtown Tulsa. To say that it was “a bit run down” would have been an understatement. The only real set back was that it didn’t have a shower. Fortunately, this was a dilemma I could do something about. Click here to see it built from start to finish in this weeks’ video, The Apartment Shower. Thinkpierce, Something New Every Friday!