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Check out The Turtleneck Club Movie Trailer!

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If you haven’t yet seen the Turtleneck Club Movie Trailer, you’ll want to follow these three steps before you do…

Step #1: Grab a Turtleneck out of your closet and put it on. (If you don’t have one, buy one at the thrift store.)

Step#2: Grab a 12 pack of diet root beer Shasta. (If you’re out, pick up a case at your local Warehouse Market)

Step #3: Make sure your Turtleneck is in “full-neck” mode, open your first can of diet root beer Shasta and push play.

I Made an App…

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Annihilation Celebration AppWell I made an App. What I could have never imagined is that Apple would reject it for a reason that still doesn’t make sense to me. Here’s the story…

 I was in the middle of editing an independent film I had made called Annihilation Celebration. When deciding how to distribute it, the two obvious options were Amazon and iTunes. From my reading I learned that offering my movie on Amazon would be no problem, but that getting approved on iTunes would be close to impossible. Requiring an expensive process in which you paid “approved aggregators” who still can’t ensure that you’ll be approved once submitted, everything I read basically confirmed it was close to impossible to get your movie available on iTunes as an independent film maker.  However I ran across an article written by an indie filmmaker who had found a creative way to offer his movie as an App. Read More

Huge Thinkpierce update! 5 New Products coming!

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Today marks a huge step forward for Thinkpierce as we introduce 5 new products that will all be coming out over the remainder of this year. If you’ve been plugging in to Thinkpierce over this past week, then you’ve seen the movie cover art images for 4 independent films that will be released over the coming months. You can now read the movie overviews for each of the films on the updated “films” tab. They have also been added as products to the Thinkpierce store with pending release dates. Read More

Annihilation Celebration

Thinkpierce is coming out with a new movie…

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One of the major goals for Thinkpierce in 2012 is to complete four films that have previously existed in “half finished” formats. The one I am currently working on is called “Annihilation Celebration”. This roughly 12 minute short has three speaking lines total and the rest of the movie showcases non-stop fighting sequences that Doug Lee and I choreographed and shot in various locations around Tulsa.  I met Doug Lee in high school and we shared a lot of similar interests from the start. We were both pretty heavy in to physical fitness and one day we came up with the idea of shooting a short film with non-stop fighting sequences, similar to the fight sequences we had been watching in movies by Jet Li, Jackie Chan, etc. Read More

New fight movie coming soon

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Working on a new movie. One that Doug and I did years back.  It will feature about 10 minutes of non-stop fight sequences shot all around Tulsa. The end will promote what Doug and I are doing now, and the only way to watch will be to either download it from iTunes/Amazon, or if you “like” the Thinkpierce facebook page you can watch it for free! I would imagine I’ll be done with this a month from now. Stay Tuned.  I’m now posting something every day, so check back tomorrow for something new! Click the picture to enlarge.