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Thinkpierce Art at Shades of Brown

See Thinkpierce Art on Display at Shades of Brown!

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 Have you ever wanted to know what 3 ft by 5 ft framed prints of Thinkpierce Art would look like up close and personal? Well now you can… This month I’m the featured artist at Shades of Brown Coffee at 33rd and Peoria. Whether it’s a $50 framed print, a $9 book or a $5 mug, there’s something for everyone. This is also a great chance to check out paperback copies of the “Zap Nugget” book in person, which features zany illustrated stories. In the front room you’re greeted by a giant storage pallet that has “The Crab Dude” painted on it and a yellow cardboard arrow signaling the way to more art. Read More

Thinkpierce presents the story of Numlock & Gordon

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Numlock & Gordon“Numlock & Gordon” is the half-finished illustrated story of two characters that I sketched while working a call center job. It began by drawing a character named Gordon in a veterinarian clinic who was becoming obsessed with a rugged door wreath while waiting for his dog – you know, the predictable action-romance “Hollywood blockbuster” storyline that gets recycled and released every year? Yeah, that one. From there a rough plot began in my head adding a sidekick character named “Numlock” (named after the numlock key) and the Numlock and Gordon adventure began. Read More

Jonathan presents “National Debt”

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National DebtAs I was wrapping up Dick Spazway’s Road to Success I was already putting together new material for my next screwball booklet, which I ended up naming “National Debt.”  Still including plenty of garbled comics, Booklet #2 also featured short stories that were equally spazzed out.  Guided by what had become my golden rule; “The less sense it makes, the better it is,” it didn’t take long for the National Debt Booklet to become populated with oddball characters and adventures as my collection of fragmented stories took shape. Read More

Jonathan presents Dick Spazway’s Road to Success

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Dick SpazwaySometime between elementary & middle school I started drawing ridiculous comics on pretty much whatever happened to be near me at the time.  It was during that era as kid when you and your friends have developed so much inside joke jargon that you’re practically speaking a different language at times. The comics were just one more way that jargon was being put to use and the less sense each comic made, the more it seemed to entertain me. Read More

Jonathan's Goals

Jonathan Shares his personal goals

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When I decided to re-launch Thinkpierce.com almost a year ago, it started as just something that I had a desire to do.  I had a general plan of what I wanted to accomplish with Thinkpierce, but didn’t necessarily have all the details worked out. When I began, I just had a desire to share many of the crazy things I had done, like photo shoots and stories.  While digging through some old things I ran across a number of drawings.  From there I was inspired to turn them into something more.  To make a long story short, I worked with Josh Dunbar to add color to each one and when the dust settled, I had a number of illustrations that represented my humorous approach to drawing that now serve as the Thinkpierce Art Collection. Read More

Jim Jamkins Character Development

Character Development for Jim Jamkins

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Today Thinkpierce introduces the character of a new book app series that I will be writing that will go by the name Jim Jamkins.  This is actually a concept I developed more than 10 years ago after I had graduated High School.  You can actually see the first paperback version of this book by searching “Jim Jamkins” on Amazon.com. I cancelled that version of the book a year ago in preparation for developing a revamped version.  My original desire was for Amazon to take down the book down permanently so that there wouldn’t be any confusion with the new book app. But even after a letter from lawyer, Amazon wouldn’t do it, due to reasons involving keeping product history, etc… One of the annoying things about this is that one reseller still has a copy of that book listed for $77.12.  They even had it listed once for over $2000.00. lol. Read More


“Mealtime” by Jonathan Pierce

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Imagine cleaning a clogged garbage disposal and in one wrong move, a huge wad of sludge drops in to your hair, matting it down horribly. Well that’s basically the kind of inspiration Jonathan Pierce pulls from when creating portrayals like “Mealtime” and “Karl vs. LaDonna”.  Jonathan first draws each illustration in pen, passes it along for coloring and then dips a final version in a vat of insecticide for authentication. The best way to enjoy Thinkpierce Art is to order a custom sized print at the Thinkpierce Store. But if that’s not possible, you can actually make your own in three easy steps: 1. First, dislodge a huge clump of sludge from under your refrigerator 2. Next, mix it in a bowl of mayonnaise until “gloppy” 3. Finally, use a butter knife to spread the mixture on the hood of any running car and let it “bake” overnight. If you can manage to scrape it off in one piece the next morning and glue it to your wall, you’re all set. Read More

Thinkpierce Original Art Logo

The New logo for Thinkpierce Art

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This week we’re rolling out the new logo for Thinkpierce Original Art. Along with this new logo comes an updated look in both the Thinkpierce Art and Mug store.  In addition to updating the store, we’ve spent a lot of time this week making detailed changes and updates on all the content in our Thinkpierce Art page.  Now that Thinkpierce Art has grown to five pieces with two more on the way, we wanted to make all the content in the category more uniform.  Also each illustration now includes a mini comical story about each piece.  Click through the individual art images to read each one.  Each image also now bears the new Thinkpierce Original Art Logo. Read More