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New Spoof Video from Jonathan Pierce – Angie’s List “Reasons”

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One day I woke up, turned on the TV and experienced something amazing, a commercial by Angie’s List that focused on different “Reasons” for joining the Angie’s List service. I realized this was “shout it from the mountain top” kind of opportunity to share my own adlibbed reasons for joining Angie’s List and another Thinkpierce Video was born…check it out!

Thinkpierce Art at Shades of Brown

See Thinkpierce Art on Display at Shades of Brown!

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 Have you ever wanted to know what 3 ft by 5 ft framed prints of Thinkpierce Art would look like up close and personal? Well now you can… This month I’m the featured artist at Shades of Brown Coffee at 33rd and Peoria. Whether it’s a $50 framed print, a $9 book or a $5 mug, there’s something for everyone. This is also a great chance to check out paperback copies of the “Zap Nugget” book in person, which features zany illustrated stories. In the front room you’re greeted by a giant storage pallet that has “The Crab Dude” painted on it and a yellow cardboard arrow signaling the way to more art. Read More

Captain Robert and the Search for Magni-Tron Transmitters

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Captain Robert PlayAnyone that has rummaged through a few pages of Thinkpierce.com, probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that drama class was one of my electives as a senior in high school.  What might not be expected however was that I hated it.  The class focused heavily on Shakespeare type plays and other stereotypical content that anyone would assume to be a part of a drama class. It seemed to be something my peers could get in to, but it just wasn’t for me. When I dropped the class and didn’t return the next quarter something unique happened; for whatever reason, the drama teacher Mrs. Harbolt wanted me to come back to the class when the next semester started.  Around that same time I had already started working on a rough draft for a space based story during my homeroom period that featured a character named Captain Robert. I wasn’t really interested in coming back to the class if I had to keep doing the same type of stuff I had done the first quarter, however Mrs. Harbolt’s question put another idea in my head. I asked her if she would let me put on my own play if I enrolled in drama again next semester.  I don’t know why, but she said yes and that moment marked the beginning of what would eventually turn in to a play called, “Captain Robert and the Search for Magni-Tron Transmitters.” Read More