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The App: An Ad-lib by Jonathan Pierce

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Jonathan Pierce performs an “ad-lib” playing the role of an unlikely hiring manger.  Sit back and relax as Jonathan explains the importance of filling out an “app”. The story behind this video is simple. One day I was visiting the guys of the beef baloney TV show at the “beef baloney house.” Before long I was handed a silver wig, a hockey jersey and a clipboard, and then heard, “Go!” And hence, the “App” video was born. Thinkpierce, Something New Every Friday!

Hot dogs at the dump

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Enjoying the Hot DogsIt was the Saturday morning event I had been looking forward to all month, a special gathering where the guys and I could just relax over a meal straight off the grill. After slicking back my hair with Palmolive, I ran over my checklist to make sure everything was packed for the big outing. Hot dogs; check, egg crates; loaded, party grill; packed, hair combed; done, ironed shirt and crimped dress slacks; ready. Yep, I was ready. I thundered up my limited edition Grand Marquee, and swooped up Paul and Spencer. Read More

Presenting: Lime Green

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JonathanOne day it became apparent to me that I had never really given the color lime green the attention it deserved.  That realization birthed an idea for a new Thinkpierce photo shoot like none before.  At the time I was living downtown in a 1-bedroom apartment that rented out monthly for the same cost of most people’s electric bill.  Like many apartments in my price range, I had one of those unspoken agreements with my landlord that any repairs or upkeep in the apartment were up to me, which worked out great.  I lived there for over 6 years and loved it.  An agreement like that meant my apartment wasn’t in the best shape, but it also meant the creative control of the “updates and repairs” were up to me.  This scenario was ideal because it meant that my living room could be transformed in to the location of my new photo shoot idea! Read More