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Karl vs. LaDonna

“Karl vs. LaDonna” by Jonathan Pierce

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Imagine cleaning a clogged garbage disposal and in one wrong move, a huge wad of sludge drops in to your hair, matting it down horribly. Well that’s basically the kind of inspiration Jonathan Pierce pulls from when creating portrayals like “Mealtime” and “Karl vs. LaDonna”.  Jonathan first draws each illustration in pen, passes it along for coloring and then dips a final version in a vat of insecticide for authentication. Read More

Announcing… The Thinkpierce Store!

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Thinkpierce T-ShirtsThis week we’re super excited to roll out the latest addition to Thinkpierce.com: The Thinkpierce Store! And to kick it all off we are introducing our very first product line, the new Thinkpierce T-shirts! Offered in a variety of colors and sizes, now anyone can sport the new Thinkpierce look in over twenty-two life changing color combinations!  But this is just the beginning. In addition to offering more clothing options in the coming months, we’ll also be introducing another product category: Thinkpierce Original Art! Read More