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Bowling it up at the old Riverlanes Alley

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Many moons ago, there was once a special place called Riverlanes Bowling Alley in Tulsa, OK.  Although now remodeled and operating under a new name, the fun times caught on tape there will always remain.  Join Jonathan & friends in a video adventure that chronicles a “wild night out” involving high stakes bowling, Mentos breath mints, and lady spray.  Thinkpierce, Something New Every Friday!

Annihilation Celebration

Thinkpierce is coming out with a new movie…

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One of the major goals for Thinkpierce in 2012 is to complete four films that have previously existed in “half finished” formats. The one I am currently working on is called “Annihilation Celebration”. This roughly 12 minute short has three speaking lines total and the rest of the movie showcases non-stop fighting sequences that Doug Lee and I choreographed and shot in various locations around Tulsa.  I met Doug Lee in high school and we shared a lot of similar interests from the start. We were both pretty heavy in to physical fitness and one day we came up with the idea of shooting a short film with non-stop fighting sequences, similar to the fight sequences we had been watching in movies by Jet Li, Jackie Chan, etc. Read More

Hot dogs at the dump

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Enjoying the Hot DogsIt was the Saturday morning event I had been looking forward to all month, a special gathering where the guys and I could just relax over a meal straight off the grill. After slicking back my hair with Palmolive, I ran over my checklist to make sure everything was packed for the big outing. Hot dogs; check, egg crates; loaded, party grill; packed, hair combed; done, ironed shirt and crimped dress slacks; ready. Yep, I was ready. I thundered up my limited edition Grand Marquee, and swooped up Paul and Spencer. Read More

Jonathan lip syncs Deck the Halls

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Being an outgoing person, it has not been uncommon throughout my life to be asked: “Where do you get this energy? Have you always been this way?”  What exactly is meant by the words “this way” remains unclear, but for anyone who has ever wondered whether I was outgoing as a kid, this video has the answer: Yes I was.  Thinkpierce wishes you a very Merry Christmas.


The Informant: New short film by Thinkpierce

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It’s not easy to be an informant in the medieval realm of Thinkpierce, but someone’s got to do it.  That was the job of Jeff Phillips who played the role of Sidias in the newest short film from Thinkpierce titled: The Informant.  The whole idea started with me thinking it would be funny for two guys dressed up in medieval robes to be engaged in a ridiculous conversation between a cracked door.  It later evolved into a cast of four and included barbecue turkey legs, a beheading and ridiculous medieval attire.  Read More