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Jonathan Hosts a Beef Baloney Production

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Years back I hosted a “tonight show” style production created by Beef Baloney members Nathan Gray and Brian Storkel. Nathan and Brian shared a television production class in college at the time and created the show to complete one of their class assignments. I ended up receiving a call from Nathan to be a part of it because he was aware that I was certifiably insane. Enjoy part one of this unique collaboration that still frightens people to this day… Thinkpierce, Something New Every Friday!

Jonathan rolls out Thinkpierce TV!

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If there were one facet of Thinkpierce that best represented who we are and what we do, it would be Thinkpierce TV.   My dad say’s it best in saying that if there was something happening in my life, I was somehow getting it on video.  As a result, I’ve built up a large collection of VHS tapes, DV tapes, hi-8 tapes, and DVD’s loaded with footage that included anything from live performances, sketch comedy, scenes of unfinished films, music, break dancing, to total randomness. In 2010, I focused on converting it all in to my computer and after countless hours of capturing and logging footage I now have it all organized in hard drives under a folder that could only be named one thing; Thinkpierce TV. Read More